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Replacement Lens

Tech-Light by Tech-Life – Illuminating Your World

  • Professional Sleek Stylish Magnetic Work Light

    Bright Light - 300 Lumen Beam Reaches Everywhere
    4 Brightness Settings - From A Dim Shine To Nearly Blind
    Rotates 360 Degrees - Direct Light Exactly Where You Need It
    Surprisingly Bright Light - Small Size, Big Light
    Ultra-Lightweight - The Most Portable Work-Light Ever
    Convenient & Hassle Free - Take Your Light With You Anywhere
    Impressive & Futuristic - Year 2100 Gear, Don't Be Stuck in 2018
    Strong Magnet - Sticks To Any Metal Surfaces

    Re-Chargeable USB Battery That Lasts Over 72 Hours Straight!

    Stay prepared and keep safe in emergencies or disasters with the Tech-Light!
  • The first portable light designed specifically for both everyday work-light use and as a handy emergency light everyone should have in their arsenal.

    The Tech-Light can continuously illuminate for up to 10 days of light on a single charge. The rugged construction and weatherproof design make this light durable and its 1-year warranty will inspire confidence when putting it to work on the job.

    Once you get this light in your hands you’ll be blown away by the intensity and clarity that comes out of this compact rugged package.
  • Ships from California.  Orders usually ship within 24 hours.

    All Tech-Life products carry a 1 year warranty.

    Tech-Life prides themselves on building a reputation of providing quality products matched with top notch customer service and technical support.  If you ever have a problem with any Tech-Life product, please contact Customer Service.


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